Our brand new EMERGE programme is for entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business. We have a whole range of programmes under the EMERGE programme branding to cover all types of business in Clackmannanshire, Stirling, Falkirk and beyond.

This forward thinking and innovative programme will include learning academy’s, growth clubs, women in business programme/events, start-up support and much more.

The first of these programmes has already been launched, the Unlocking Potential (UP) programme which is a pilot program for senior managers or business owners/founders to support growth and innovation.

The various sub-programmes are detailed below with all the details you need to get involved or support.

EMERGE Enterprise

Under the EMERGE Enterprise section we have Unlocking Potential Programme, Entrepreneurial Insights and the Growth Club.

Unlocking Potential (UP)

The pilot UP programme is a structured learning academy for growth-minded SME business leaders to develop the capability they need to unlock the potential in their business. There are 8 fully-funded places available for Clackmannanshire business to apply for, more details here.

Entrepreneurial Insights

The Entrepreneurial Insights programme will be for emerging and established entrepreneurs to collaborate, exchange knowledge and information and grow their businesses. A subscription model with many benefits and features for the subscribers, full details will be revealed soon.

Growth Club

Further details about this element will be released in due course.

Emerge Women is a new, Forth Valley-wide networking group for business owners and social entrepreneurs. It replaces the former Clacks Women into Business group. Emerge Women aims to create a dynamic network of entrepreneurs to offer peer-to-peer support and deliver great content to support successful businesses and social enterprises.

Emerge Women is supported by Clackmannanshire Council.







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