Tenant Directory

Company: A & D Blacksmiths
Category: Blacksmiths
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Douglas McLachlan
Phone Number: 07986 442001
Website: www.adblacksmiths.co.uk

Company: A Young Hypnotherapy
Category: Hypnotherapist
Location: Menstrie Business Centre
Contact: Amy Young
Phone Number:

Company: A1 Auto Services
Category: Automotive Repairs & MOT
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Jim McEwan
Phone Number: 01259 723456
Website: Facebook

Company: Aircooled Engines (Scotland)
Category:  Engine Builder
Location: Ward Street Block 1
Contact: Paul Roberts
Phone Number: 0784 218 6756
Website: www.aircooledengines.co.uk

Company: Alloa Saints FC
Category: Football Club
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Paul Robertson
Phone Number: 01259 726648

Company: Albion Mobility
Category: Molbility Products
Location: Millar Court
Contact: Barbara McCallum
Phone Number: 01259 272167
Website: www.albionmobility.co.uk

Company: Allen Gordon
Category: Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Mike Youde
Phone Number: 01786 406407
Website: www.allengordon.co.uk

Company: Alloa Ballet Company
Category: Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers
Location: Unit 23 Trade Centre
Contact: Heather Shrimpton
Phone Number: 07774 857975
Website: https://www.alloaballetcompany.co.uk/

Company: Alloa Counselling
Category: Counselling Services
Location: E-Centre
Contact: Kim Wylie
Phone Number: 07507720160
Website: https://alloacounselling.com/

Company: Alloa Cycling Repairs
Category: Bike Repairs
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Michael Williams
Phone Number: 01259 222747

Company: Alloa Saints FC
Category: Football Club
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Paul Robertson
Phone Number: 01259 726648

Company: Amcor Capsules
Category: Manufacturer of closures for the drinks / spirits sector
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Gordon McAuley
Phone Number: 07989 134079
Website: www.amcor.com

Company: Ark Benefits Ltd
Category: Employee Benefits for Companies
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Kevin Ross
Phone Number: 07711892270
Website: https://www.arkbenefits.co.uk/

Company: Arm in Arm Accounting
Category: Employee Benefits for Companies
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Neil McKinnon
Phone Number: 01259 726621
Website: https://www.arminarmaccounting.com/

Company: Art is an Option
Category: Graphic Designer
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Bradley Pow
Phone Number: 01259 726900
Website: https://artisanoption.co.uk/

Company: Arredi
Category: Furniture Distributor
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Alan White
Phone Number: 07733 883661

Company: Artic Therapy Ltd
Category: Artic Therapies
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Maria Omma / Billy Dineen
Phone Number: 07769595544

Website: https://arctictherapy.co.uk/

Company: Aspire Combat Academy Ltd
Category: Martial Arts programmes for people with Autism
Location: Ward Street
Contact: John Miller

Category: Design Studio/Publisher
Location: Forrester Lodge
Contact: Justin Morgan Davies
Website: https://badcatgames.co.uk/

Company: Bio-Kleen
Category: Pest control
Location: ABC
Contact: Hamish Bunyan
Phone Number: 01259 720721
Website: www.biokleen.co.uk

Company: Boltbase Ltd
Category: Online Nuts & Bolts Supplier
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Iain & Annmarie Sim
Phone Number: 01259 218830
Website: www.boltbase.co.uk

Company: Bon Accord Life
Category: Insurance
Location: E-Centre
Contact: Stephanie Docherty
Phone Number: 01786 477800
Website: https://www.bonaccordlife.com/

Company: Boot Liquour
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: James Scott
Phone Number: 01259 722697

Company: BRS
Category: Bespoke Resourcing Solutions
Location: Forrester Lodge
Contact: Darren Perrie
Phone Number: 07939404628
Website: https://brs-ltd.com/

Company: B-Spoke Fencing & Decking
Category: Fencing & Decking
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Gary Whiteford
Phone Number: 07734821861
Website: https://b-spokefd.co.uk/

Company: Business Gateway Clackmannanshire
Category: Business Gateway in Clackmannanshire offers businesses practical help and guidance.
Location: Hilton House
Contact: Maggie Gorman
Phone Number:  01259 726430
Website: https://www.bgateway.com/clackmannanshire

Company: Caledonia Property Maintenance
Category: Property maintenance
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Moira McKay
Phone Number: 01259 722806

Company: CALM Training Ltd
Category: Provides specialist training and consultancy in the field of violence, aggression and challenging behaviour. Our aim is to reduce the use of restrictive practices or improve the lives of vulnerable individuals.
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Helen Stevenson
Phone Number: 01259 763681
Website: www.calmtraining.co.uk

Company: Capital Letters
Category:  Property Rental
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Steve Strachan
Phone Number:

Company: Care Inspectorate
Category: Comission for Regulation of Care
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Evelyn Wilson
Phone Number: 0345 600 9527
Website: www.careinspectorate.com

Company: Cellfield Reading Matters UK
Category: Dyslexia/Reading Issues
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Fiona MacDiarmin / Yvonne Farquar
Phone Number: 01786 406363
Website: https://www.cellfield.co.uk/

Company: Central Scotland Leisure
Category: Indoor Trampolining Centre
Location: Dumyat Business Park
Contact: Hasan Ertekin
Website: www.jump-n-joy.co.uk

Company: Chloride UK Ltd
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Robert Bell / Stephen Coutts

Phone: 01259 725665
Website: https://www.chloride.com/fr/contact-us

Company: Circle – Supporting Families in Scotland
Category: Charity
Location: E-Centre
Contact: Lisa McGowan
Phone Number: 07734247667
Website: http://http.circle.scot

Company: CitNOW
Category: Online Car Showroom
Location: Forrester Lodge
Contact: George Irvine
Phone Number:

Company: City Plumbing Supplies Holdings Ltd
Category: Specialist Plumbing Merchants
Location: Dumyat Business Park
Contact: Craig Lewis
Phone Number: 01259 226790
Website: www.cityplumbing.co.uk

Company: Claremont Furniture Agencies (CFA) Ltd
Category: Furniture Distribution
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Elizabeth Snaddon
Phone Number:

Company: Cloud Street
Category: Bespoke Business Software
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Mary Walford
Phone Number: 0845 643 0851
Website: www.cloudstreet.co.uk

Company: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Category: Maintenance of War Graves
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Iain Anderson
Website: www.cwgc.org

Company: Connect Alloa
Category: Youth Group
Location: Carsebridge Court
Contact: Dave Crozier

Phone: 07598 247277
Website: https://www.connectalloa.org.uk/

Company: CRA (Alloa) Ltd
Category: Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Neil Spriddle
Phone Number: 01259 726636
Website: www.craalloa.com

Company: Crombie Taggart Ltd
Category: Curtains and Soft Furnishings
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Gary Kingaby
Phone Number: 01259 725632
Website: https://www.crombietaggart.co.uk/

Company: Dedicare
Category: Medical Staff Agency
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Claire Douglas
Phone Number: 01324 710500
Website: https://www.dedicare.co.uk/about-us/contact/

Company: Dodge City Strength
Category: Private Gym
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Chris Beetham

Company: Eco Engineering Installations Ltd
Category: Engineering Works
Location: Ward Street
Phone Number:

Company: Enspire Architects
Category: Architect
Location: ABC
Contact: Mark Tomkinson
Phone Number: 01259 726687
Website: www.enspire-architects.co.uk

Company: Erin Molloy Counselling
Category: Counselling Services
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Erin Molloy
Phone Number: 07933 425456
Website: https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/counsellors/erin-molloy?

Company: European Turfgrass Laboratories
Category: An independent and unbiased service for the analysis of soils, sand, peat, gravel, rootzone and other materials specifically for the turfgrass and landscape industries
Location: Millar Court
Contact: Sharon Singleton-Bruce
Phone Number: 01259 725060
Website: www.etl-ltd.com

Company: Eze Events Ltd
Category: Event Styling and Flowers
Location: Millar Court
Contact: Bindya & Robert Smith
Phone Number: 07860 281239
Website: https://eze-events.co.uk/

Company: Fitness Solutions
Category: Maintenance & repair of fitness equipment
Location: Carsebridge Court
Contact: Audrey McCaig
Phone Number: 01259 724000

Company: Flagship Maritime Ltd
Location: E-Centre
Phone Number:

Company: Flourish Home Support Services
Category: Personal/Social Care
Location: ABC
Contact: Karen Richardson
Phone Number: 07719045800
Website: Facebook

Company: Fourth Camper Conversions
Category: Camper Conversions
Location: Ward Street
Contact: James Martin
Phone Number:

Company: Fourth Valley Branding
Category: Brand Architecture
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Daniel Faichnie
Phone Number:079288753832
Website: https://www.forthvalleybranding.co.uk/

Company: Foundations Matter
Category: Fostering and Adoption
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Charles Thomson
Phone Number:

Company: Fountains Forestry Ltd
Category: Forestry Work
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Craig Dunwoodie
Phone Number: 01786 406361

Company: Fuzzie Barbour
Category: Gents Barbour
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Edward Kenny
Phone Number: 07722176859

Company: Gault Electrical Solutions Ltd
Category: Electrical Services
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Neil & Michelle Gault
Phone Number: 01259 681098

Website: https://www.facebook.com/GaultElectrical/

Company: Geostokos Ecosse
Category: Geology/Mining
Location: ABC
Contact: Isobel Clark
Phone Number: 01259 726600
Website: www.geostokos.kriging.com

Company: Glacier Energy Inspections Ltd
Location: Springfield House
Contact: John McDonald
Phone Number:

Company: Glen & Co Chartered Surveyors and Commercial Property Experts
Category: Chartered Surveyors – General Practice Surveyor dealing with all aspects of Commercial Property
Location: Elmbank Mill
Contact: David Glen
Phone Number: 0141 204 3255
Website: https://www.glenandco.co.uk

Glen & Co Chartered Surveyors

Company: Global DX
Category: Testing Kits for Animals
Location: Elmbank Mill
Contact: Sharon Shepard
Phone Number: 01259 230830
Website: https://globaldx.com/

Company: GM Architects Ltd
Category: Architects
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Guido MacLennan
Phone Number:
Website: https://gm-architects.com/

Company: Greenpower Developments
Category: Renewable energy developers
Location: e-Centre
Contact: Rob Forrest
Phone Number: 01259 272185
Website: www.greenpowerinternational.com

Company: Henderson Harrower plumbing & Heating Ltd
Category: Plumbing & Heating
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Derek Henderson & Derek Harrower
Phone Number: 07779 277065
Website: http://www.hendersonharrowerplumbing.co.uk/

Company: HLS McConnell
Category: Kitchen Supplier to Council
Location: Millar Court

Company: Home-Start Clackmananshire
Category: Offers support, friendship and practical help to families with young children across Clackmannanshire
Location: ABC

Contact: Louise Orr
Phone Number: 01259 213453
Website: www.hsclacks.co.uk

Company: Howdens Joinery
Category: The UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens, appliances and joinery products from local stock.
Location: Trade Centre
Phone Number: 01259 280900
Website: www.howdens.com

Company: I K Soft Furnishings
Category: Soft furnishings
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Kim Coalter
Phone Number: 01259 750776

Company: Imaging Supplies
Category: Office products suppliers
Location: Cooperage Way
Contact: Graeme Scobbie
Phone Number: 01259 218998
Website: www.imaging-supplies.co.uk

Company: Impulse Team Ltd
Category: Advertising
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Tom MacDonald & Thomas Wilson
Phone Number:

Company: Infiniti Financial Solutions Ltd
Category: Financial Services
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Hans Vaagenes
Phone Number:

Company: Innpac Ltd
Category: Packing industry
Location: ABC
Contact: Kevin Porter
Phone Number: 07852 908227
Website: www.innpacltd.com

Company: International Summer School for Teens Litd
Category: International Summer School for Teens (ISSFT) is a broad ranging and all-inclusive International Summer School in Scotland, for students aged 12-17 years old.
Location: Elmbank Mill
Contact: Carey Rowe
Website: www.issft.com

Company: Jim Maxwell
Category: Therapist
Location: Menstrie
Contact: Jim Maxwell

Company: JPS Restoration
Category: Restoration of historic structures, building and construction
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Jason Struthers
Phone Number: 07540 575975
Website: www.jpsrestoration.com

Company: Kalmed Ltd
Category: Online Private GP Dispensing Service

Location: Springfield House
Contact: Kyle & Karen Lifson
Phone Number: 01786 406410
Website: www.kalmedclinic.co.uk

Company: Kelso & Titch
Category: Home made dog treats

Location: Carsebridge Court
Phone Number: 01259 219584
Website: https://www.kelsoandtitch.com/

Company: KK Physio & Pilates
Category: Physiotherapy services, clinic and Pilates classes
Location: e-Centre
Contact: Kirsten Kerr
Phone Number: 07740024867
Website: www.kkphysio.co.uk

Company: Key Housing Association Ltd
Category: Housing Group for Disabled
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Phone Number: 01259 218313
Website: https://www.key.org.uk/key-housing/

Company: Kirk & Marsh Ltd
Category: Specialist Construction Consultants inc Construction Design and Management (CDM)
Location: Springfield House
Contact: John Marsh
Phone Number: 01786 406464
Website: www.kirkandmarsh.co.uk

Company: Kinross Electrical Services Ltd
Category: Electrical Services
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Karin & Scott Kinross
Phone Number: 07770671167
Website: https://www.facebook.com/kinrosselectricalservices/

Company: Lafferty & Sons
Category: Gin Supplier
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Alberto Borin & Claudia Garbervcci
Phone Number:

Company:Lateral DX
Category: Contract development of diagnostic tests
Location: Cooperageway Business Village
Contact: Richard Campbell
Phone Number: 07795 154788
Website: www.lateraldx.com

Company: Lawrie Furnishings
Category: Commercial Flooring contractor
Location: Carsebridge Court
Contact: Billy Lawrie
Phone Number: 0141 887 8238
Website: www.lawriefloors.co.uk

Company: Libertas Financial Management
Category: Financial Advisors
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Andre Scotland
Phone Number: 01259 726616
Website: https://libertasfm.co.uk/

Company: Lithium Systems
Category: Computer Systems
Location: Carsebridge Court
Contact: Stephen Franklyn
Phone Number: 01259 727847

Company: Lumira DX
Category: Medical Testing Kits
Location: Dumyat
Contact: Nigel Spiller
Phone Number:
Website: https://www.lumiradx.com/uk-en/

Company: Luxclean Scotland Ltd
Category: Professional Cleaning Services
Location: E-Centre
Contact: Renata Krol
Phone Number: 07846697552
Website: https://www.luxclean.co.uk/

Company: Lynx Sustainable Solutions Ltd
Category: Sustainable Solutions for Companies
Location: E- Centre
Phone Number:

Company: MacKay Orthopaedic Associates
Category: Orthopaedic Consultant – Admin Office
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Jackie MacKay
Phone Number: 01786 406424

Company: Marineflow Ltd
Category: Manufacture of pumps
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Stuart Drysdale
Phone Number: 01259 753453

Company: MerlinVet-Cel Ltd
Category: Veterinary Buying Group
Location: E-Centre
Phone Number: 01259 730812

Company: ME Services
Category: Engineering
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Jane Buchanan
Phone Number: 01259 729715

Company: Monument SSAS Ltd
Category: Pension services
Location: Forrester Lodge
Contact: David Boyd
Phone Number:

Company: Mortgage Simplicity Ltd
Category: Mortgage solutions
Location: ABC
Contact: Chris Love
Phone Number: 01259 726646

Company: Navigate Scaffolding Ltd
Category: Scaffolding Contractor
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Ryan Stevenson
Phone Number:01259 726416
Website: https://www.navigatescaffoldingltd.com/

Company: Neuheat Ltd
Category: Renewable Energy Solutions
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Stuart Morton
Phone Number: 01259 235878
Website: https://www.neuheat.com/

Company: Next Level Security Services (NLSS)
Category: Security Services
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Derek Laird
Phone Number: 01624 265365
Website: https://nlss.co.uk/

Company: Noahgene
Category: Providers of molecular genetic services to animal and plant breeders, researchers and conservationists worldwide
Location: e-Centre
Contact: Dr Halina Stobelewska
Phone Number: 01259 272007

Company: Nofitech
Category: Salmon Farming
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Robert Hundstad
Phone Number:
Website: https://nofitech.com/en/front-page/

Company: Ochil Engineering Limited
Category: Fabrication & Welding
Location: Trade Centre
Phone Number:  07814 512721

Company: Ochil Fudge Pantry
Location: Millar Court
Phone Number:  01259 217738

Website: https://www.ochilfudge.co.uk/

Company: Ortus Technology Ltd
Category: Emergency Services Solutions
Location: E-Centre
Phone Number: 0845 4594705
Website: https://www.theortusgroup.com/contact/

Company: Oxygen with Pressure
Location: E-Centre

Contact: Manul Medhi
Phone Number:

Company: Papyrus UK
Category: Suicide prevention in young people
Location: Springfield
Contact: Graeme Young & Hazel Russell
Phone Number:
Website: https://www.papyrus-uk.org/contact-us/

Company: Pets Direct
Category: Pet supplies
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Tony Vines
Phone Number: 01259 211123

Company: Platter and Pop
Category: Creative Catering Events
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Susannah Nixon & Sophie Arnott
Phone Number:
Website: https://www.platterandpop.co.uk/

Company: Prison Officers Association (POA)
Category: Prison Officers Union
Location: Bowden House
Contact: Phil Farlie
Phone Number:

Company: Pristine Decor Ltd
Category: Painter & Decorator
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Callum Bonnar
Phone Number: 07714656180

Company: Process Technology Strategic Consulting Ltd
Category: Consultancy
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact:  Susan A Wills
Phone Number: 01259 726635

Company: Resilience Learning Partnership
Category: Training Company
Location: Cooperage Way
Contact:  Shumela Ahmed
Phone Number: 01259 272015

Website: https://resiliencelearningpartnership.co.uk/

Company: RS Flooring
Category: Flooring/Fitting
Location: Trade Centre
Contact:  Ryan Shanks
Phone Number:


Company: Ross Hastie Signs
Category: Signwriting, Signmaking, Gilding, Paintwork and Restoration
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Ross Hastie
Phone Number: 07785 768922

Company: Roger Bullivants
Category: Specialist Foundation Engineers
Location: e-Centre
Contact: Hugh Sloan
Phone Number: 01259 272052

Company: Scotia Double Glazing
Category: Double Glazing and Home Improvements
Location: Blyth House Alva
Contact: Marc McLean
Phone Number: 01259 235689

Company: Scotia healthcare Solutions
Category: Care in the community
Location: E-Centre
Contact: Tommy Adair & dawn McFarlane
Phone Number: 01259 272011

Company: Scottish Autism
Category: Dedicated to enriching the lives of people with Autism
Location: Hilton House
Contact: Mandi Turner
Phone Number: Jean English

Company: Scottish Autism
Category: Craft workshop for autistic adults.
Location: Millar Court
Contact: Jill Ferguson
Phone Number: 01259 272174

Company: Scottish Trade Stationers
Category: Stationery Supplies
Location: Trade Centre
Contact: Phil Morrison
Phone Number: 01259 214484

Company: SG Pro Cleaning
Category: Cleaning Contractors
Location: Cooperage Way
Contact: Douglas Smith
Phone Number: 01259 231655

Company: Shakebar on the move
Category: Shakebar for Festivals
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Hasan Ertekin, Hasan Kavak
Phone Number:

Company: Siabann
Category: Ethical Skincare Products
Location: Carsebridge Court
Contact: Fiona Ritchie
Phone Number: 07740681391

Company: SMK Construction
Category: Construction Works
Location: E-Centre
Contact: Christine Glass
Phone Number:

Company: square:design
Location: ABC
Contact: Frank Kremer

Company: Standguide
Category: Help back to work
Location: E-Centre
Contact: Gordon Jack
Phone Number:

Company: Stag Bites the Hog
Category: Mobile Event Caterer
Location: Ward Street
Contact: Liam Davies
Phone Number: 07956 426538

Company:Stewart Accounting Services Ltd
Category: Accounting and tax services
Location: ABC
Contact: Mark Stewart
Phone Number: 01259 721156

Company:Step Up Support
Category: Housing support and care at home service for vulnerable adults at risk of homelessness
Location: e-Centre
Contact: Pamela Vass
Phone Number: 01259 272074

Company:Stirling Vending 24-7
Category: Vending Machines and Repairs
Location: Cooperage Way
Contact: Fiona Chambers
Phone Number: 07814 568646

Company: Straker Systems Ltd
Category: Business Software Development and Client Support
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Darren Mooney
Phone Number: 01236 456666

Company: Submission Factory
Category: Martial Art & Gym
Location: Cooperage Way
Contact: Craig McIntosh
Website: https://www.submissionfactorymma.co.uk/

Company: Supa Tracks
Category: Tracks Conversion
Location: Alva Industrial Estate
Contact: Chris Hardy
Phone Number: 01259 760418

Company: Sutcliffe Jones
Category: Storage / Warehousing
Location: Cooperageway Business Village
Contact: Sarah Hamilton
Phone Number: 01259 725200

Company: The Inglewood Press Ltd
Category: Colour printing, eye-popping creative design and photography
Location: Forrester
Contact: Niall Hammond
Phone Number: 01259 720826

Company: The Law Group
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Andrew Thomson, Jacqueline Ireland
Phone Number: 01786 231922
Website: https://www.nfa.co.uk/

Company: The Leadership Factory Ltd
Category: Bespoek leadership programmes
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Andy Kelly
Phone Number: 01786 406620

Company: Transform Forth Valley
Category: Support and direction for drug and alcohol missuse
Location: E-Centre
Phone Number: 01259 272112

Company: TulaTek Ltd
Category: 4×4 Landrover specialist, Transmission / Gearbox & Clutch specialists plus Motorhome Services
Location: Alva Industrial Estate
Contact: Ewan Montgomery
Phone Number: 01786 625624
Email: Tulatek@gmail.com

Company: Vee-Tone Records
Category: Independent music label specialising in releasing roots music from the ’40s to the ’60s
Location: Elmbank Mill
Contact: Paul McGlynn

Company: Vestas Wind Systems
Category: Wind Farm Manufacturing
Location: Dumyat Business Park
Contact: Gordon Simpson

Company: Veritiv Emerson
Category: Provider of critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services for information and communications technology systems
Location: Cooperage Way
Contact: Stephen Coutts

Phone:01259 725665

Company: Viviad Project Services Ltd
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Radek Makar, Euan Donaldson


Company: Volunteering Matters
Category: Volunteering Policy & Practice
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: John Brown
Phone Number: 01259 928088

Company: Wholesale Brand Management
Category: Hand crafted Fudge and Scottish Tablet
Location: Millar Court
Contact:  Graeme Clark
Phone Number:  01259 72800
Website: https://www.wholesalebrandmanagement.co.uk/

Company: Woodgate & Clark Ltd
Category: Loss Adjustors
Location: Springfield House
Contact: Niall Smith
Phone Number: 01786 406466

Company: W. Austin Electronics
Location: Alloa Business Centre
Contact: Wesley Austin
Phone Number: