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Ceteris delivers the Business Gateway contract in Clackmannanshire offering businesses practical help and guidance and the organisations work together to promote the development of new business and improve the local economy.

In addition to all the facilities and services offered, you can access the support and resources available to entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing businesses through Business Gateway Clackmannanshire, including:

  • Events – 3,500 events each year across Scotland, with workshops on topics from bookkeeping to social media.
  • Information Service – get comprehensive business intelligence and market research.
  • Reports – browse over 100 market reports online or request a free report if your sector isn’t covered.
  • Guides – our handy guides explain digital marketing strategy, HR, intellectual property and more.

Find out more at the Business Gateway Local Page for Clackmannanshire.

We take nothing more seriously than supporting the development of your business and the people who make it.
Meet the team

Our Planning to Start tool will guide you through the essential steps of starting up. It takes just 10 minutes to complete and then we can use the details you give us to create your action plan, complete with links to relevant information and support.

We’ll also recommend free workshops to help you hone your skills and may refer you to relevant support from our partners – from how to handle the legal requirements to getting your market research right.

Maintaining a business or moving up a gear? It can often be more daunting than starting up. That’s why our support continues and grows with your business – and you don’t have to have been working with us since day one. We’ll pick up where you are now.

We also know that your time is in short supply, so if you can’t get to your local office for 1:1 advice, we’ll come to you. Together, you and your business adviser can tailor a strategic action plan for your ambitions.

We have a range of business growth support including specialist support or ‘expert help’ for a project to help your business grow, if you want to find out more contact our business support team to apply for this funded support. Projects can include (but not limited to):

  • HR Projects
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Photography & Video
  • Finance
  • Business Strategy
  • Legal
  • Training

The Digital Boost service from Business Gateway can provide free webinars, support from a digital consultant, online advice & tips to help their business and platforms do more with digital.

Start with a ‘Digital Health Check‘ to assess your business’s digital performance & access tailored support.

You can access 1:1 digital support to get tailored 1:1 advice and practical help to allow you and your business keep up, improve business processes and get online.

Plus there are loads of other Digital Boost resources, check them out over at their website by clicking here.

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