Growing your business can be a daunting experience, especially if you don’t know where to start. Our Business Advisers can guide and direct you to the appropriate support to allow you to grow your business.

Ceteris (Scotland) Ltd have received funding to create some pilots for growth initiatives for businesses who are serious about their growth plans. Full details about these pilots are below.

We have some new and exciting growth initiatives being launched in the coming year(s) and are delighted to share the details with you. If you would like to sign up to our newsletter to find out about these as they are launched, please email

EMERGE Programmes

The new EMERGE programmes are about encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs across Central Scotland to (start-up and) grow their businesses. EMERGE stands for . . .

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Management
  • Eco-system
  • Relationships
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

What is it about?

EMERGE is about providing educational events, entrepreneurial opportunities, supporting start-up and growth businesses across Forth Valley through a variety of different programmes. The overall programme will provide support at every stage of business from pre-start, to start up to growing and high growth.

Unlocking Potential (UP)

The first pilot we have is Unlocking Potential (UP) Programme which is a pilot for senior managers or business owners/founders to support growth and innovation.

This is a structured learning academy for growth-minded SME business leaders to develop the capability they need to unlock the potential in their business. Find out more here.


This programme is valued at a market price of £5,950 per participant for the 3-month programme but we are offering up to 8 places for this pilot at no cost to the business other than time commitment.

We have a competitive application process and anticipate a high volume of applications, the deadline to receive applications is 12 noon on 14th Oct.

Entrepreneurial Insights

The second of our exciting EMERGE growth pilots is the Entrepreneurial Insights programme. This subscription based model will link emerging entrepreneurs with established entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses.  There will be many benefits, features, events and subscription types to suit your business. More details coming soon.

Main Features

This Forth Valley wide programme will have many benefits and features including:

  • Mentoring service
  • Peer to peer support
  • Events (Cheese & Wine, Dinners, Training)
  • Access to investors
  • Many more


We are delighted to announce the brand new women in enterprise programme, EMERGE Women, which will run from October 2022 to March 2023. We invite women from across Forth Valley to attend the exciting events we have planned at venues across Clackmannanshire. More details coming soon.


Alongside this programme we will be running the ClacksWiSE programme. A programme for women who have been out of work for a while (perhaps looking after the kids while they are small) or working in a job but want to start up their own business. This course will also run from October 2022 to March 2023 and will include business basics, ideas generation, digital skills, confidence building and awards. More details coming soon.

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