Understanding our Economic Impact in Clackmannanshire

Taking a fresh look at how Ceteris supports businesses and the local economy

At Ceteris we are in the process of reviewing how we operate and how we support Clackmannanshire businesses and the local economy.

As part of this review, we have commissioned research to understand the economic impact of our activities in the area. Carried out by Bellerby Economics and IBP Strategy & Research, the research project involves gathering feedback from businesses that we have a relationship with. This includes Ceteris tenants, businesses that have accessed our Business Gateway Clackmannanshire service or accessed other related activities and events.

We want to know what difference involvement with Ceteris has had on local businesses and find out how we can improve the services we provide. The results will help us to direct our activities most effectively and make sure that we maximise support to both tenants and Business Gateway Clackmannanshire clients going forward.

Tenants and clients will be contacted soon with a request to complete an online survey and possibly to take part in a short personal interview. While there are many demands on the time of local businesses, we hope that they will welcome the opportunity to take part in a study that should be of benefit to them and the wider business community.

In the meantime, if you are a business in the area and want to know more about the project or have any feedback on your relationship with Ceteris, please email smccusker@ceteris.co.uk.