James Smith – Career Ready Blog, Week 4

This is my final week at ceteris and my internship it has been a really fun.

It feels like this experience has flown by, and I have learned a lot in this internship in the different areas like reception and accounts. I am really thankful for Career Ready and Ceteris for giving me the opportunity to get this experience, I feel like it will always stay with me as it is my first real job placement that is not my parents work. 

This week I went to Stirling University Innovation Park to research the facilities, to look at the café and conference rooms. We meet with Lynn Blaikie, she showed us around the building and conference room.  After I came back and had lunch and then started editing the promotional video.

I did more editing on the video later in the week adding music, so it’s not just silence, I also did my cuts and edits making it more defined and my work not just clips together. I also did the front page for my power point.

Today (Friday) I am doing this final blog and I am doing my final presentation this afternoon in front of Ceteris  staff and Mhairi from Career Ready and I am a bit nervous but confident in the work I did over this month!

Overall, I feel like I have learned a lot form the people I have been around I respect all of them for helping me with everything I need and teaching me things I will need for the rest of my life.

Thank You, James