James Smith – Career Ready Blog, Week 3

Welcome to the blog of my 3rd week.

Monday: So today I started my day off in accounts doing the pay run and then I began working on my project which is an analysis of Business Centres and who offers what services. I also have to create a promo video and design a new logo.

Tuesday: Met Stuart McCusker in the morning to get some advice and guidance with my project. He gave me some tips on what things I could add to the content of my final presentation.

Wednesday: So today I also did my project. 

Thursday: On Thursday I was also in the office doing my project and making a new Business Centre logo at home. The logo will be shown at my final presentation next Thursday.

Friday: So, in the morning me and Stuart went to Springfield House in Stirling to record my promotional video I recorded the full building trying to get the best shots I could. Then I went back to the office to the office to edit the video. The video will be shown at my final presentation next Thursday.   

See you all for my farewell blog later this week.