James Smith – Career Ready Blog, Week 2

Welcome to the blog of my 2nd week.

Monday: I worked on my project more focusing on how I can make the company unique. And how-to promote a company.

Tuesday: Today I went to a conference with the with the full team. It was about branding the company and how we can make the marketing more welcoming. Which helped me a lot with my project. We got lunch down there it was good. Then we went back up to the office to work more on my project. I also took a walk to the e-Centre to drop off more pamphlets about Business Gateway and Digital Boost workshops.

Wednesday: I was just working on my project. I don’t want to spoil anything. I also looked up design for the café conference room and glass designs for an office. So, I could put my opinion on how these areas should look in the future.

Thursday: Day off to celebrate my brother’s birthday.

Friday: I finished the blog and worked further with my project. 

See you for part 3 on Friday!