James Smith – Career Ready Blog, Week 1

Hi I’m James and I am starting a weekly blog while I do my Career Ready internship with Ceteris.

This is my first week with the company. This is what I have done through this week and what I have learned. This blog will be updated every Friday.

Day one: I got to know Ceteris as a company by doing research and then research on Business Gateway learning about what they do and how they function as a business. I learned how business centres operate and that we own 13 business centres in Scotland and that Business Gateway is usually run by the council however in Clackmannanshire it is run by Ceteris. A lot of business centres have co-worker rooms where it’s a social setting and more open.

Day two: In the morning I went to a workshop at STEP who run Business Gateway in Stirling learning about marketing, how to brand a business and how to find your target audience. I learned how your target audience links to what you provide for the person and how you can make them interested in your brand. I feel like I talked a lot and engaged into the conversation that they were having even though I don’t own a business, it gave me the chance to see how the workshops help people with starting or already running businesses. 

Day three: I started off in the accounts area and did invoices with Kerry who was really fun and helped me learn what their part of the company is… “Paying the big bucks to everyone”. Then in the afternoon I was in the reception emailing and learning how the systems work. I also got a full tour of the building.

Day four: I went to Springfield House to work at the reception in the morning. I got a tour from Mandy who was very nice and very welcoming, she showed also me around the building.  We also done the mail, the welcome pack and the new door sign for the new Tennant Intelligent Displays. I have had a lot of fun in all of the area I have been so far in Ceteris.

Day five:  So, on the final day of this week I was working in the e-Centre in reception. I done the deliveries in the morning and checking all the fire extinguishers and the fire door signs. I then came back to the Alloa Business Centre and completed this blog.

So, this has been my week one of my four-week internship with Ceteris. I have had lots of fun this week and meet lot of fun and nice people.