Clacksfirst BID sets out vision for 2020 and beyond

Clacksfirst Business Improvement District (BID) exists to deliver on projects, in agreement with its members, to deliver services and infrastructure that are not required to be delivered by the local authority.

Since the BID has come into existence in 2008, significantly more than £1 million has been invested into making the BID area safer, more secure, cleaner and aesthetically more appealing.

Safety and security in the BID area remains a top priority for Clacksfirst. Police Scotland data informs that the steps they have already taken have resulted in a 50% drop in reported crime in the BID postcodes. Prior to the renewal ballot in 2018, the members survey clearly demonstrated that CCTV is important therefore, the BID has expanded the number of cameras they have and, working with Police Scotland, have identified further vulnerable sites that would benefit from having CCTV, and this will be carried out early this year.

In 2019, the BID extended its Security Improvement Grant Scheme, the scheme is designed for businesses, in the BID area, to part-fund increased security measures to premises, business operations or an area within the BID. Clacksfirst remains focused on the continued reduction of crime in the BID environment and this scheme enables businesses to protect their property.

Also in 2019, the BID introduced, for the first time, a Property Improvement Scheme and this will continue  into 2020.

Clacksfirst BID has located thirteen defibrillators throughout Clackmannanshire and, in the past twelve months, have delivered free CPR and defibrillator training to more than forty businesses, this is an initiative that will certainly continue in 2020.

There has been an increase in the number of businesses taking advantage of the BID-funded recycling service, meaning Clacksfirst BID continues to reduce the volume of recyclable materials that would have gone to landfill in the past, currently estimated at over 400 tonnes.

This winter the BID increased the number of grit bins in the BID area and employed a pro-active, preventative service that involves attending sites based on the weather forecast to grit in advance of heavy frost, ice  or snow.

Clacksfirst BID will continue to invest in the projects highlighted by our member businesses and will continue to support growth and innovation in Clackmannanshire business.

Clacksfirst BID are sponsors of the Clacks Business Week Magazine, 20/20 VISION, read the magazine here.