Ceteris ensure old windows transformed into new

As part of our £750,000 redevelopment of the Alloa Business Centre, we are replacing 220 windows with new, energy efficient, top-of-the range models.

Having recently been awarded Resource Efficiency Pledge – Silver Level, we were keen to minimise the potential impact on the environment that the removal of these older windows could have caused.

As the total weight of these older windows was estimated at somewhere between 7 and 8 tonnes we were determined to keep them from going into landfill.

So, we worked closely with DCB Recovery of Coatbridge to ensure that all glass, metal, plastic and rubber will be removed from the windows, enabling 100% of these materials to be recycled into making new windows.  Even the silicon, expanding foam and other contaminants will be removed.

DCB Recovery will crush and re-build the glass, metal, plastic and rubber before distributing to  a range of window manufacturers across the UK.

Of the almost 8 tonnes of potential waste,  we are delighted that there will be virtually no landfill other than a negligible amount of silicon & expanding foam.

Find out more about our Resource Efficient Pledge – Silver level award here.