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Webinar – Scenario Planning

We are in times of “Radical Uncertainty” – right now it is hard for anybody to make decisions.

We all know that inertia is the most dangerous thing of all for businesses – but how can we avoid this if we are not sure we can make the right decision? This training session will show you how.

SCENARIO PLANNING allows us to manage the uncertainty, by focussing on what we do know, and running different assumption-based scenarios for what we don’t. This allows us to plot a safe route forward, with an action plan to cover different circumstances as they occur. Scenario Planning is a vital part of an entrepreneur’s toolkit at any time – but never more so than as the country starts to switch back on from lockdown.

This is a practical course where you get to meet other local business owners, and work hands on with them on the topic, as we learn better from doing, and best of all by doing with others to share our learning.

By attending this session you will not only learn something helpful to use now, but something you will use for the rest of your career. Book Now

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May 28 2020


10:00 - 12:00
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