What’s the most important part of a co-working space? Superfast broadband!

We all know there is nothing more annoying or frustrating than having slow broadband, or broadband that keeps dropping out. When you are running a business, having superfast broadband is probably one of the most essential aspects, especially at the moment with working from home and various office restrictions.

You can trust Station Central broadband

Our brand new co-working space Wi-Fi is provided through a leased line providing  fibre directly to the building, there are several key advantages over a connection such as a high response SLA (service level agreement) and 1:1 contention ratio (which means the line isn’t shared with anyone else).

The access points are more than equipped to provide the full speeds from our leased line, and have features such as band steering (basically a dual line that sends new devices and old devices to the correct network to improve speeds) and airtime fairness (basically supports more users, improved range and faster speeds) to provide the best possible experience from our co-working Wi-Fi service.

Come to Station Central for reliable and superfast Wifi for your business

A welcoming reception, an attractive and bright new space and super-fast broadband, what else would you need to propel your business forward without the monthly costs of a fully serviced private office?

We have a ‘phone box’ available to take that all important call, meeting rooms, desk space, lunch room, kitchen and much more.

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