Ceteris Powers Up Central Scotland Business Parks with Solar Panel Installations

As one of Scotland’s largest commercial landlords, our commitment to sustainability takes a giant leap forward with solar panel installations at five of our business parks.

As part of our strategic priority to be ‘good for business and good for the planet’, we’re taking significant strides towards a greener future. We’ve invested over £160,000 in solar panel installations at five of our business parks in Central Scotland. The estimated annual CO2 reduction of 34 tonnes of emissions is equivalent to driving 197,100 miles in a conventional petrol car or charging your smartphone over 4.1 million times*.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun with Solar Panel Installations

The locations benefiting from this ambitious solar panel installation include four sites in Alloa: e-Centre, Forrester Lodge, Hilton House and Alloa Business Centre, as well as one site in Stirling, Springfield House. With a keen focus on sustainability, we aim to generate cleaner energy and reduce our reliance on traditional power sources.  Harnessing the power of the sun, these solar panels provide renewable energy and are part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve our broader goal of achieving net zero by 2045. The new solar panels started generating electricity at each of the five sites in September 2023 and we’re watching progress closely to see how they perform.

Steps Towards a Net Zero Future

Ceteris’ ambitious initiative is one of a series of measures we are taking to help reduce carbon emissions. As well as investing in renewable energy sources like solar panels, we’ve also:

  • installed EV charge points in car parks at numerous sites
  • replaced old, inefficient heating systems with modern, energy efficient electric heating in some of our properties

The significant reduction in carbon emissions resulting from these projects will play a pivotal role in helping Ceteris achieve its long-term environmental goals.

Good for Business and Good for the Planet

Our decision to embrace solar energy isn’t just about achieving environmental targets. It’s a key part of our vision of Making Business Happen. As part of a new corporate strategy, Ceteris aims to be ‘Being Good for Business and Good for the Planet’. By actively integrating sustainability into our operations, we’re setting an example for other businesses, demonstrating that profitability and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

Josie Saunders, CEO of Ceteris, said: “Our investment in solar panel installations across our Alloa and Stirling sites underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. By embracing renewable energy and significantly reducing our carbon emissions, Ceteris is not only making a difference within its own operations but also setting a precedent for other organisations to follow suit. As the world continues to prioritise sustainability, we want to show how a commitment to the planet can also be a driving force behind successful business operations.”

A big thank you to Richard Bond, maintenance supervisor at Ceteris, Chris Jamieson at Social Investment Scotland and Tom Thurling at HeatSource Direct Ltd for their invaluable assistance and collaboration on this project!

*Sources: EMS Mastery, Eden Seven 2022.