Redundancy equals opportunity for 3 local men


Redundancy equals opportunity for 3 local men

The global health pandemic has had a huge impact on us mentally, physically and for business but sometimes in tough times and when receiving disappointing news it can actually lead to something pretty good.

10 Years in the corporate world

Working for a big financial corporate has its perks definitely, loads to learn, fantastic connections, climbing the ranks and opens many doors. However, sometimes the red tape, restrictions and big corporate world doesn’t seem to fit with your ethos anymore. When Andre, Jamie & Calum were working together in the corporate world they felt they could offer something quite personal and unique to their clients if they went out on their own.

Redundancy equals opportunity

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on many businesses, and some have had to make the hard decision of making redundancies. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), the corporate they were working for had given all 3 of them the news that they were being made redundant. Andre, Jamie & Calum’s plan was to always break off at some point and set up their own financial advice business but this decision pushed them to start earlier with a strong motivation.

Libertas Financial Management was born

Once Andre, Jamie & Calum had accepted the decision and began planning out the future. They were going to work together as a trio providing financial advice to clients and set up their brand new business, Libertas Financial Management Ltd.  Libertas is Latin for freedom and independence which they thought was fitting for them and what they could provide for their clients.

What they do and who they help

Libertas Financial Management offers a financial planning service with over 30 years’ experience between them. They may seem different from your usual financial advisers in that they are younger (29/30/32) and fully embrace technology (apps, websites and Zoom) and combine this with traditional face to face values (post Covid-19). The Libertas team are keen to help individuals with their financial planning and want to get their clients in the best possible positions for their future.

They provide advice on pensions, retirement, investments, protection (including life insurance) and they have access to the full market, not restricted to specific products or providers.  Perhaps your children have ‘fled the nest’ or you have paid your mortgage off but not sure what to do next financially, get in touch with Libertas Financial Management team for advice.


 Office 28, Alloa Business Centre

January 2021 was the start of the new adventure with the team moving into office 28 at the Alloa Business Centre. Plenty of work still to be done with the development of the website, App and social media platforms but they are feeling at home being part of the Ceteris family.

In the Middle of difficulty lies opportunityAlbert Einstein

Contact Details

Jamie Auchinvole (07449 882 817), Andre Scotland (07311 261 626) & Calum Scott (07741 775 124) – Directors & Financial Planners

Libertas Financial Management Ltd

Office 28

Alloa Business Centre

Whins Road


FK10 3SA


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