Alloa business increases property space by over 700% in just 2 years

Growth in difficult times

We all know that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on a wide range of businesses but some industries have not only been surviving but thriving in these difficult times. Having so much sad news in the last year, it is great to hear about businesses doing well. One of these businesses is Lateral Dx Ltd.

Covid-19 Impact

Before March 2020, not many of us had heard of rapid lateral flow testing but since the pandemic hit and the need for the SARS Cov-2 pandemic lateral flow rapid testing, it became mainstream. Lateral Dx was already on track for growth but the demand for rapid testing solutions has required the business to grow and accommodate this.

Who are Lateral Dx?

Richard Campbell set up Lateral Dx Ltd to provide contract services to companies operating the lateral flow test market. Lateral flow technology is the same technology that is used in over the counter pregnancy tests.

Lateral Dx Ltd also provide various services including; Lateral Flow Development, Consultancy, Rapid Antibody Screening, Antibody Conjugation & Reagent Supply. You can find out more at their website here.

About Richard

Richard has over 15 years’ experience in this field as a scientist and has worked for market leading companies providing a similar service. He is a well-respected expert in the area of Lateral Flow and has a fantastic team behind him to enable him to grow, develop and innovate in the business.


Richard started out in December 2018 at the Alloa Business Centre, in a space of just 235 sq ft and by July 2020 had tripled the size of space he required. 6 months later they needed to expand again, increasing their original unit space by over 700% (to 1931 sq ft), the final move (to date) is to Cooperage Way in Alloa.

Not only has Richard been able to grow his premises but he has grown his team also. Before the latest move he had 3 employees and since moving to Cooperage Way he has added to his team by hiring 2 Development Scientists taking the total number of employees to 5. Having invested in new high-tech equipment to expand their capabilities, the sky is the limit.

Ceteris, Business Gateway & Lateral Dx

We (Ceteris) pride ourselves on customer service and whatever we can do to assist our tenants achieve their aspirations we do it. From our maintenance team assisting with the planning and customisation of the new unit, flexible lease terms, accommodating entry dates to work around busy schedules and even helping with the move and providing Business Gateway support via our Business Development team. Our Business Gateway team has provided advice and support to Lateral Dx and having being referred to Scottish Enterprise they received further support.

What’s next?

These new premises at Cooperage Way in Alloa will accommodate the Lateral Dx growing team and allow them to further fulfil the increase in development demand for the lateral flow test technology. Perhaps another expansion is on the cards!


Richard Campbell – Lateral Dx Ltd

Address: Unit 1, Block 7, Cooperage Way, Alloa, FK10 3LP, UK



Phone: 01259 793041