6 Reasons Covid-19 has pushed us to be more flexible with work

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns has had a huge impact on business, office space and the way we all work (not to mention all the personal affects this has brought to us all) and here at Ceteris we are keen to adapt in order to support our tenants and local businesses as best we can. One thing is for sure, the way we work has changed forever.

What’s changed?

People are working from home more due to the restrictions and/or due to the schools being closed/restricted openings and only essential workers or those who cannot work from home are allowed in their workplaces.

Zoom has become a household name and ‘you’re on mute’ has probably become the most said phrase during the pandemic. At some point we hope to get back to the way it was before but will it go back to there again and do we want it to?

Life post Covid-19

Once the restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to head back to the office, do we really want to go back to the long commute and hours in the office with no flexibility? Or do we and other businesses feel that a hybrid flexible co-working approach would be best for employers and employees? Working closer to where you live, reducing commute, increasing time and reducing expense compared to working in the city centres?

6 reasons Covid-19 has pushed us to be more flexible

We have all been changed by the pandemic in one way or another but here are 6 reasons why it has pushed us to be more flexible when it comes to our working environment.

  1. Before Covid-19 many struggled to get the right work/life balance and many didn’t see their families for more than an hour a day! Being able to work from home has been a real blessing for many families. On the other side, trying to work from home with kids and pets running around and interrupting, plus home-schooling hasn’t been fun. Other downsides include:
    1. A lack of suitable space to work from (kitchen table isn’t ideal)
    2. Possible isolation and loneliness.
    3. Missing the working environment and face to face interactions
  2. It’s been a battle between Microsoft Teams and Zoom to win the online meeting race but whatever system you use, the realisation that you can work from anywhere and speak to anyone really has been cemented into society.
  3. Employers who have been required/or want to keep their businesses going have had to accommodate employees working from home with the right IT set up and connection. Home broadband usage has more than doubled since 2020 and many have experienced the frustration of sharing slow connections with family usage.
  4. Digital! We’ve learned that almost anything can be done digitally. You can book your dinner on an app to pick up or be delivered now, even fast food chains!
  5. We are used to having everything we need at our finger tips. Kettle, loo, garden, snacks, so when we do go back to the office we will want access to similar wants/needs.
  6. No more crammed offices with people falling over each other. Businesses will need to spread out in office spaces when employees return for safety, using a co-working space or larger office premises.

What’s the solution to a post-Covid office world?

We believe a flexible approach to our tenants and the availability of a flexible co-working space for those who do not want the expense or responsibility of a full time office. We have created a Covid secure space at the e-centre business centre to accommodate business owners and their staff to implement a flexible co-working system and environment post-Covid.

What is on offer at Station Central to support your business post Covid-19?

  1. Superfast broadband
  2. Spacious desk space with plastic partitions
  3. Lunch area & kitchen
  4. Phone box for taking those important calls
  5. Photocopier
  6. Meeting rooms
  7. Breakout area
  8. Lockers
  9. 24 hours access and much more!

Station Central

Full details about our brand new space including costs can be found here or get in touch with our lovely receptionists at the e-centre in Alloa on e-centre@ceteris.co.uk or call them on 01259 272000.