Career Ready Student Starts at Ceteris

Hi! I am Saoirse and I am currently doing a four-week internship at ceteris. This was the first week of my internship and I spent it working with the Business Gateway team in their office, I spent a lot of my week doing research for the team on commercial courses and helping with little tasks around the office, I also took part in some webinars and joined in with a networking event that had been set up by the team.

Learning Lots

I learned lots in my first week as well as getting just an overall insight into the workplace and understanding the way things work around there. The main thing I learned this week was the importance of relationships both in the workplace with co-workers and also out in the community with local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Importance of Strong Relationships

I saw the strong relationships and connections between people working together when I was in the office and saw how willing everyone was to help each other and how open they were to advice and constructive criticisms about their work so that they could all work together and produce the best work possible, seeing this really helped me to understand how important building these relationships are in the work place and how important it is for you to be able to comfortably interact with your co-workers.

Importance of Networking

When I went over to the networking event it really opened my eyes to the importance of being connected with your community and the others around you, I saw as people came together and even discussed collaborations where they would work together to create an outcome, they are both passionate about and proud of and I myself learned how to successfully network and build relationships within my community.

Favourite Part

My favourite part of this week was genuinely just interacting with people and discovering all I can about the workplace, work environments and the community that is growing around me which I wouldn’t even know about without my experiences this week. I’m excited to see what the rest of my internship has in store for me!