Career Ready gets Reception Ready!

Hey there! Me again and I have just completed the second week of my internship here at ceteris.

Learning the Job

This week I was working in reception for both the Alloa Business Centre and the E-centre, all the staff I worked with were really lovely and welcoming, they really put the effort in to show me the ins and outs of working in reception and what responsibilities come with that.

One really important thing I learned about being in reception is how important it is to have a friendly face there greeting people and making all the clients, customers and tenants feel welcomed and comfortable in the environment and the reception staff at Ceteris do this perfectly, they never failed to make me feel relaxed and comfortable when I was coming in and working with them.

Not just receptionists, problem solvers!

Working in reception really requires a lot of problem solving as you are there to help the staff, tenants and customers with their needs and any problems that they may have, it is incredible to think just how many problems can pop up in a day-to-day workplace and just how much effort will go in to fixing them and leaving everyone as happy as possible.

Organisation is key

Organisation is a huge part of working in reception, you have to know where everything is and who is meant to be where at what time, organisation has always been something I have struggled with but I believe that my week with reception has really helped me with that as I have seen how they keep everything organised in the most efficient way possible.

Boost to confidence

Working in reception this week has also really boosted my confidence and people skills as I was constantly interacting with people as they were coming in and out of the building and even answering phones and questions, this was hugely beneficial for me because I feel as though being a teen in lockdown really slowed down my development of conversational skills and coming out of it I really lacked in the confidence that I need for social situations but this week has really  brought out the social side of me again and helped me to regain my confidence.

Meeting people is the best

My favourite part of this week was again just the getting to know people and really talking to the people around me, this is so important for getting me ready for the working world and its really building my confidence for interacting with people properly, I also loved learning about all the different companies that are within the build and seeing the behind the scenes of the way it is all run. Excited to see what is next!