Why is customer research important?

In any business customer research is key to identify and satisfy the needs and wants of customers. Market research helps businesses to identify which areas in the business or products need improving or if there is any space in the market to create new products or opportunities depending on the business.


For ceteris, market research is crucial to help the business develop a better understanding of their customers and how they perceive the business.

  • Who would be looking to buy into their business?
  • Who are the businesses ideal target market?
  • What would they expect from this business if they themselves were the customer?

For a business to grow, these are the type of questions that should be asked when researching the customers perspective of the business. This would allow the business to quickly identify business opportunities, perfect their marketing techniques in the future, reduce level of risk in the business by detecting any faulty information on their website and take out competition by offering something new and unique to the market.

Staying ahead of competition

In order to have a successful business, competition also has to be identified and researched.

  • Market research allows businesses the opportunity to offer something to existing and new customers that is different from their competitors which gives them the advantage to also steal some of the competitors customers.

Understanding the business competitors

  • Another benefit of market research is that it allows business to understanding their customer’s expectations of the business. This is key to offering them a good service to which results in a strong customer relationship throughout the business and results in more sales and new potential customers.

Blog by Ceteris Intern Caitlyn Battley (Feb, 2021)