Experience counts for young new financial adviser firm in the Forth Valley

Did you know that the average age of an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) in the UK is 58? Three entrepreneurs in Alloa, are bucking this trend!

Many IFAs plan to retire in the next five years. For their clients, this will lead to the disruption of changing advisers and finding someone they trust to look after some of the most important aspects of their life. Libertas Financial Management has been founded by three young fully qualified Independent Financial Advisers in their early 30’s. They aim to be with their clients for the long term. Despite their relatively young ages for their industry, the Libertas Financial Management team already has over 30 years’ experience providing financial advice between them.

Building Strong Relationships

Founders, Andre, Jamie and Calum believe that building strong relationships leads to the best advice for clients. This means holding regular in person meetings with them. However, Libertas Financial Management also offers a fresh approach to financial planning. As part of a generation that are digital natives, founders Andre, Jamie and Calum are keen to use modern technology such as social media, online portals and apps to provide the best service to their clients. The pandemic has made everyone, whatever their age, more comfortable with communicating online. New technologies are also helping to bring fresh transparency and up to the minute information to people keen to keep up with their finances. Harnessing these tools and technologies will give Libertas Financial Management the edge over more traditional firms.

Freedom and Independence

Libertas is Latin for freedom and independence. This fits perfectly with what the founders of Libertas Financial Management want to provide for their clients. The trio aim to provide financial advice that lets their clients plan for and meet their life goals. These are goals that many of us have, such as being able to pay off the mortgage early, having enough savings to retire and live comfortably, or being able to take care of families without having to worry about money.

A New, Dynamic, Forward-looking Adviser Firm

Andre, Jamie and Calum previously worked together at a large, national financial services firm. Having received the best training and gaining a huge amount of experience, they left the corporate world at the end of 2020 with the aim of creating a new, dynamic, forward-looking adviser firm that offers clients a personal and unique service. Despite the pandemic, they founded Libertas Financial Management in early 2021. The company was authorised by the financial services regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, at the end of October 2021 and Andre, Jamie and Calum are already starting to work with clients across Central Scotland.

About Libertas Financial Management

Libertas Financial Management was founded in January 2021 and is a tenant of Ceteris, with offices at Alloa Business Centre.

As an Independent Financial Adviser firm, Libertas Financial Management is different to the financial advice services provided by many banks and some other financial services companies. Being independent means that they are free to choose from the full range of products on the market and select those that best suit their clients’ needs and aspirations.

Contact Details

Jamie Auchinvole, Andre Scotland & Calum Scott – Directors & Financial Planners
Tel: 01259 726616
Email: office@libertasfm.co.uk

Libertas Financial Management Ltd
Office 28
Alloa Business Centre
Whins Road
FK10 3SA