Businesses adapt to the new way of working

Many businesses have had to adapt to the global health pandemic and set up facilities to allow their employees to work from home. However, as we move out of lockdowns, school closures and towards vaccines and normality, what is the office/work life going to look like?

Even before Covid companies were thinking about how they can be more flexible for their employees and trying to create a work from home option for staff but the pandemic has considerably sped this process up pushing the potential new way of working into the foreseeable future.

‘Hub & Spoke Model’

The once huge businesses with a main office in Glasgow or Edinburgh are now looking at solutions to reduce their main office space and create various workspaces cross the country to accommodate local employees to the spaces. This has been called the ‘Hub & Spoke Model’ and many businesses are looking at this option.

Ceteris are aware of this new trend and have created a flexible co-working space, Station Central, and are adapting office spaces within their serviced office buildings to accommodate these larger businesses workspaces or ‘spokes’.

All aboard Station Central! The brand new co-working space from Ceteris

Station Central is an exciting co-working space from Ceteris that is professional, collaborative and extremely flexible. Our collaborative space is open now and you can book easily online here.

The brand new, sophisticated and flexible space offers the facilities you need to increase your productivity and let your business flourish. We understand that freelancers, consultants, and newly established businesses need the benefits of a dedicated desk, with reliable high-speed internet, no hassle and without the monthly overheads of an individual fully serviced office.

The new space will complement the offering of packages we already have in place including; virtual office, telephone answering, meeting room hire, serviced offices and hot-desking, all designed to fit with our customers’ needs.

Back to normality with the flexibility

Carl Hodson, Managing Director at Ceteris says

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards flexible office working and we’ve had feedback that permanently working from home is not ideal for everyone. This is why we have created a welcoming space that offers a blended, hybrid approach to office working and fits with our changing customers’ needs.”

Whether you are an individual business/consultant or a larger business looking to create more localised offices, Ceteris are happy to talk with you and see what options are available. Contact us on 01259 721454 or