Slipped discs lead to new business venture – JLP Vitality Yoga

Discovering yoga after slipping two discs in her back not only helped Jackie Patterson get back on her feet, it made her realise that the knowledge she’d gained could help other people.


Having studied Iyengar Yoga for five years, the 49-year-old began teaching classes in her home city of Bristol in 2005. For over 10 years she highlighted the physical and mental benefits of the discipline whilst also running her own furniture restoration business.


After moving to Clackmannanshire last year, Jackie turned to Business Gateway for help to launch a local yoga practice,, which currently offers a beginner’s class on Monday evenings in Clackmannan Town hall and private tuition.


She said: “I knew setting up a business that relies on building a loyal client base in a new area wasn’t going to be easy so I turned to Business Gateway for advice. I initially wanted to replicate what I’d been doing down south but the building of my restoration workshop has taken longer than expected so I’ve focused my attention on establishing myself as a local yoga teacher.


“My adviser provided excellent help and advice. I felt the whole process focused my mind. I went on numerous workshops, not just those on finance but marketing, advertising, website development etc – areas that are integral to running a business today. All were invaluable.


“I’m thoroughly enjoying teaching people the joy of yoga and hope to attract more people to the discipline as it has helped me stay fit and healthy, even after slipping my discs and breaking my arm last year.”


Michelle Carr, Business Gateway, said: “Jackie is a highly experienced yoga teacher and her furniture restoration skills are second-to-none. With our help she has been able to start a popular yoga enterprise, and will utilise our advice when she’s ready to start her restoration business hopefully in the New Year.”


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