Ceteris launch cutting-edge Internet Services at Springfield House

Ceteris is delighted to announce a significant improvement in internet connectivity and bandwidth service within Springfield House providing tenants with new digital packages and the very latest technology.

Tenants at Springfield House are now able to choose between a Shared-Style Internet Service or a Guaranteed Bandwidth Service, both providing cutting-edge technology at a competitive price.

This major new development adds to a stellar package enjoyed by tenants which already includes free meeting room hire, car parking, grounds maintenance, reception services, recycling collection and 24-hour access to one of the most scenic office locations in Central Scotland. Laurelhill Business Park is situated in the King’s Park area of Stirling, just a brisk 10 minute walk from the City Centre, and provides open views across Kings Park to Stirling Castle.

For their Internet service, tenants at Springfield House can now choose between one of the Shared or Guaranteed (lease-line) bandwidth plans as follows;

1. Shared Style Internet Service (Leased Line)

Shared plans provide lightly-contended, quality Internet for companies whose use is not mission-critical. A generous volume allocation is sufficient for most companies.  Unlike broadband ADSL, these shared services have symmetrical bandwidth. Great for using with hosted and cloud applications, Dropbox and backups. 

The Entry Level plan is suitable for light use such as web and email, while the Premium Plan is ideal for those tenants with significant Internet usage.

Entry Level, only £35 month 

  • 3.0 Mbps Peak
  • Symmetrical Up and Down bandwidth
  • 25GB/month volume

Premium, £65 month

  • 10 Mbps Peak
  • Symmetrical Up and Down Bandwidth
  • 100 GB/month volume

NOTE:  Excess use of volume on either plan – charged at £1/Gb. Setup for both plans = 1 month. Shared plans are subject to fair and reasonable use – please see the Acceptable Use Policy.

2. Guaranteed Bandwidth Service

Guaranteed bandwidth is just like a lease line only more flexible.  ‘Flexible’ because you can change the bandwidth in minutes and optionally commit only for a 1-month term (set-up charges apply).   A control panel facility is also supplied so that you can see how your bandwidth is being used.

Guaranteed, from £160 month

  • Specify your bandwidth exactly
  • Unlimited use

Guaranteed PLUS Burst

  • A Burst service allows you to exceed the guaranteed bandwidth by a fixed amount.
  • The additional burst bandwidth is not guaranteed, but available on a shared or best-effort basis.
  • Unlimited use of bandwidth – there are no quota limits on guaranteed plans.

Both Shared Style and Guaranteed Bandwidth share a number of common features;

  • Secure segregated network for your use only.
  • Ready to use – just plug in devices and start work.
  • Symmetrical bandwidths – equal download and upload data rates (unlike broadband).
  • Router or firewall use is at your discretion but not essential. 
  • Patched to the workstation. 
  • Usage Data and traffic graphs (MRTG).
  • Access to helpdesk during working day.
  • Optional Public IPs for routing, forwarding or tagging.
  • Optional control panel for subscriber access.

Further Options: Wifi and Guest Accounts

WiFi service

Ceteris can also manage and provide dual-band WiFi within your office. WiFi traffic can be placed on your network so that it behaves the same as your wired network connections.

Guest Accounts

Sometimes you have visitors, contractors, or consultants who need Internet access but whom you wish to keep them off your networks. This is particularly useful if you are required to meet some form of compliance standards. Ceteris can provide you with a separate Guest connection which can be used both wired and wirelessly. Access is tied to devices and uses a login for a duration set by you.

Additional Information

These services includes public and private IP operation, VLAN segregation on all local paths for security, managed bandwidth, firewalled local/NAT with local class C IP range and alias, DHCP optional. Ceteris also provide traffic graphs, and diagnostics, and customers have access to a support desk during business hours.  A charge of £10/month for single routed or forwarded IPs is made. Routed subnets are by special arrangement.  If more than 4 Public IPs is required, then Internet rules require that a record of the purpose of each IP is maintained. 

To order these services, or to discuss further, please contact Reception at Springfield House on 01786 406350 or Joan Evans, Reception & Telecoms Manager, on 01259 721454.