Chloe & Casey – Career Ready Internship Week 3

During our third week we worked on our presentation and project.

At the start of the week we focused our attention on our presentation.  We worked together to decide what to include in our presentation and how to present it.  We came up with some great ideas and, already, we are almost finished it!  Working on our presentation gave us the chance to look back on what we had done and the experiences we have had during our Internship, which was really interesting.  It also made us realise that we only have one week left of our internship to go!

Wednesday and Thursday we did a large amount of work for our project.  For our project we have to come up with ideas on how to revamp the Alloa Business Centre’s IT Suite.  Chloe and I measured the IT Suite to see how much paint we would need for the walls.  We researched items like furniture, decorations, crockery and found prices that were best suited to what we were looking for.  We also have a budget…that we are sticking to! We have already come up with some great ideas of what we want the IT Suite to look like, including: the colour of the walls, the furniture, the decorations and how we want the layout to look like in the IT Suite.  Whilst working on both our project and presentation, we were assigned tasks.  Those tasks were to write names onto name tags for the keys for each drawer in the office and we also had to organise files into alphabetical order. 

On Friday we were accompanied by Margaret Mary as we travelled to the Forth Valley College, Stirling Campus and the Stirling Court Hotel to get ideas of their IT and layout.  This has helped us make better suggestions for our project.   That was pretty much all we done on Friday!

See you next week!