Chloe & Casey – Career Ready Internship Week 2

During our second week of the internship we gained more experience in different departments

Chloe – Full Week

On Monday of my second week I was without Casey in the Business Gateway office. I started our end of internship presentation and I started to do work for our Project. I created template floor plans for most of the day… And that’s pretty much it!

On Tuesday I was with the financial team doing… Taxes. I was entering the information into the system; I didn’t have much time for anything else as I had to leave early.

On Wednesday I was in Finance again but this time I was deleting outdated accounts and helping my mentor, Nicola, with a meeting she had on the following Monday.

Thursday and Friday I was in reception… It was just what you would expect from being in reception really!

This week was just as amazing as last week, I got to meet some of the staff at the e-Centre and do things I haven’t before. I did most enjoy doing the Taxes funnily enough, probably because I’m a maths lover.

Casey – Full Week

On Monday I was working with the maintenance team!

I had the chance to meet everyone and was told that I would be painting a fence.  Before that, I helped to deliver units with Steven and Ian and then myself and Scott, who I was working with, started painting the fence.  That took us the full day. 

Tuesday we started painting a fence at Forrester Lodge and then stopped to go to the Trade Centre where I helped Scott to mop the floors.  We then went to the main unit and whilst Scott was cleaning the office, I hoovered the unit.  We then went to KFC for lunch, which was a good laugh!

Afterwards, we travelled back to Forrester Lodge to continue painting the fence.  I really enjoyed my time working with the maintenance team.  Everyone was great and I had such a good laugh!

Wednesday and Thursday I was working at the Gean House with Elaine, Francesca, Billy and Tracey.  They all were great to work with and my hands were always full, which was good.  I had a variety of tasks, such as: Watering plants at front of house and garden, cleaning bins, refreshing the flowers, organising chair ties into colour and organising stock.  I also hoovered the Board Room, the Study and the stairs, tided plates, cups and glasses for the bar and filled papers into the folder. 

On Thursday I had the chance to help Tracey polish the rooms, fold napkins for the menu’s and cut ribbons to the set lengths.  I was also setting up the Drawing Room (above), I hoovered the room, Ironed the sheets and placed tea lights on each table .  Francesca also gave me some great advice which will greatly benefit our project.  I had a great time working at the Gean House and the staff there were amazing!

On Friday I was at the office whilst Chloe was doing reception.  I focused on writing my weekly blog and doing work for our project.

See you all next week for part 3!