Chloe & Casey – Career Ready Internship Farewell Blog

For our fourth and final week of the internship we continued to do work on our project and presentation.

 On Monday and Tuesday we were working on our presentation and project.  We done a large amount of work as well as finalising our measurements and making sure that we had everything we needed for the project.  We completed our project research and had all our items, prices and the total price of all the items, which allowed us to add this to our presentation.  We have successfully completed our presentation and are now spending our time practising and running through it.  We also had to set up teas and coffees for a meeting that was being held in the afternoon.

 On Wednesday morning we were setting up teas and coffees for a Digital Boost Workshop called Facebook for Business which was being held by John Paterson.  The workshop was mainly targeting individuals that were starting a business or who already have a business.  We both found it interesting to be part of a Business Gateway Workshop as it gave us a chance to see how the workshops can assist and help people.  After the workshop had finished we cleaned up the teas and coffees and then headed back to the office!  The rest of the day we were working on our presentation and beginning to write up our last blog.  We also helped out in the Finance Department by organising their files in order.

 On Thursday our day consisted of working on our presentation and writing up our weekly blog to be posted on Friday.  We also got spoiled with flowers and a thank you card each from our team and the Business Gateway Department, as well as cake and snacks to top it all off!  That was very thoughtful of them and we appreciate that greatly.  Thank you MADJAMS!

 On our last day working with Ceteris in the Business Gateway Department, we spent time practising for our presentation for which we then presented it in the afternoon.  

The thought of having to leave is saddening and we feel that our four weeks have flown by so quickly.  However, we can both say with pride that our time working with Ceteris was phenomenal.  From gaining a large amount of experience to meeting new people, it has truly been a worthwhile experience and we both feel extremely lucky to have had this opportunity to work with such a great company and work alongside amazing people. 

The experiences we have gained from our internship will definitely benefit us positively in our futures and we cannot thank everyone enough for supporting us, making us feel comfortable and all in all, giving us this opportunity. 

We really do appreciate the efforts that each individual we have worked with has put in to making this internship a valuable and an enjoyable experience for us.  We would like to thank the staff at Ceteris and especially our team at Business Gateway for giving us this opportunity.  You have definitely made us feel more confident within ourselves and the workplace as well as making a huge impact in our lives.  We won’t forget your great help and support and we wish every single one of you the best. 

Thank you!


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