Clacks Business Week

Ceteris launched Clacks Business Week in 2016 with an aim of fostering local business partnerships to the benefit of the economic development of Clackmannanshire.

Now settled nicely into the calendar at the beginning of March, Clacks Business Week continues to grow with each passing year. It has always been themed to provide a uniformity of approach and to support businesses with the relevant issues of the time. The themes so far have been

  • Going for growth
  • Focus on the future
  • Innovat19n
  • 20/20 Vision

The theme for Clacks Business Week 2020 was 20/20 VISION and there were 23 events in 9 different locations throughout the Wee County – presentations, workshops, training sessions, breakfasts and lunches – covering as many topics as we could possibly fit in; tourism, social enterprise, e-commerce, leadership, exporting, social media and youth employment to name but a few.

Sponsored by Alloa-based Lithium Systems, 2020 was the biggest Clacks Business Week yet with over 700 attendees and over 80,000 social media views. Page views were up 12% year-on-year on the Clacks Business Week website and the pagination of our magazine, sponsored by Clacksfirst, was the highest ever.

Stephen Franklyn, Director of Lithium said “Lithium was delighted to be the main sponsor for Clackmannanshire Business Week 2020. The week is all about businesses looking ahead, and in the IT sector it’s crucial to be ahead of the competition. We aim to do that by looking to the future and delivering it in the present. The week represents everything that we feel is important in business; a supportive business community; networking and learning opportunities; and being prepared for future growth.”

Clacks Business Week has expanded quickly to now include sponsors and speakers from Stirling, Falkirk and beyond Forth Valley.   The magazine is now distributed out to circa 800 companies plus electronically via the mailing lists of our agency  partners Business Gateway Clackmannanshire, Clacksfirst BID, Alloa First, Forth Valley Chamber and Stirling University Innovation Park.

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Planning for Clacks Business Week 2021 will begin in September and our magazine will be launched at the end of January.

Call 01259 726414 or email  to enquire about Clacks Business Week 2021 sponsorship or hosting an event.

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See you in March for the 5th annual Clacks Business Week

A busy room of business people networking at Clacks Business Week

“Innovation” the Clacks Business Week Magazine