Ceteris (Scotland) Ltd is a non profit distributing business formed to support businesses in Clackmannanshire and the surrounding regions. The company is owned by the Bowden Trust which has 4 Trustees, who have set the purpose of Ceteris as being to further economic development within Clackmannanshire and the surrounding areas.

We are a diverse company that provides business property in the form of serviced offices and business/industrial units.  We cater for all types of businesses that require accommodation. We also have a wide variety of meeting and conference rooms available for hire to suit all the needs of businesses, including a hot desk service and shared office space.

Since the early 1990s we have been building up our office and industrial portfolio, in response to (and sometimes in advance of) demand, and have developed accompanying business support services to promote economic development in the Clackmannanshire area. Our quality of business accommodation and fantastic service, along with our central location makes our properties some of the most sought after in the region.

We also provide business support for our tenants and local businesses, including those considering moving into the area to assist with business growth. We deliver the National Business Gateway contract for Clackmannanshire, dealing with all businesses from start-up to growth companies.  As part of the Business Gateway contract we provide a variety of free training courses and as part of Ceteris commercial we provide paid for training courses for staff and businesses.

Our customers/tenants are our focus and we continually seek to improve our services and products in response to customer feedback. We are flexible and professional and aim to create the best environment for our clients to grow and develop their businesses.

Ceteris provides the following services:

Creating a thriving business community in Clackmannanshire is our main goal and our services have been developed to help achieve this.

Please contact us to discuss any of your business requirements.